V yawning

Just give in…

In our mama support circles we are frequently discussing sleep, or lack there of…and what I’m hearing from mama’s is that they are really tired of feeling like they are failing because their babies aren’t “good sleepers”. I honestly don’t think I’ve been anything but exhausted for the past six years, so I nod my head in agreement and hope they find the comfort in the camaraderie in fellow warrior women.

What I really want them to know is that their babies are doing exactly what they are supposed to do and that their well meaning family and friends – you know the ones who love to tell you that their babies were/are such good sleepers, sleeping through the night since 6 weeks old – are definitely the exception to the rule. I want them to really know and feel in their souls that they are not failing and that their babies are not now and will not be ruined from “lack of sleep”. To those pediatricians that are scaring new parents into thinking that their babies need 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for brain growth, please STOP. This is not helpful to already insecure and sleep deprived mama’s and papa’s. To the scared parents, my daughter still wakes at night at 6 years old and certainly never slept anywhere near 6-8 hour stretches as an infant or toddler, but taught herself to read at 4 years old. Just sayin’ – sleep does not equal intelligence…

“It’s hard being a new parent. Not just because of the incredible changes affecting every facet of your life – your career, your finances, your home and your relationship – but because everyone has an opinion. About everything you are doing, and more importantly everything you are doing wrong.”

This exhaustion will be a distant memory at some point, but let’s make a pact – let’s start telling it like it is now, let’s wear our sleep deprivation with pride knowing that our babies are doing exactly what they need to be doing to thrive AND in the process save a few new parents from feeling inadequate (at least when it comes to sleep).

Big hugs and much love.