I wrote a guest blog post for the Tampa Bay Birth Network last year…in it I mentioned the lack of breastfeeding specific education for birth professionals. An informative article on bellybelly.com.au expands on this;

“Right after she gives birth, a new mother mostly receives critical breastfeeding advice and support from midwives, her obstetrician, a paediatrician, her local maternal and child health nurse and sometimes her local doctor. You’d be forgiven for thinking that she’d be receiving the very best medical advice and information. Because after all, these highly trained and skilled medical professionals have studied for many years, and work with breastfeeding women all the time, right? Well, there’s something you really need to know before you ask a healthcare provider for breastfeeding advice — because I’m about to tell you something that may shock you. It has the potential to significantly impact on your breastfeeding journey. Here it is: Most medical healthcare providers receive anywhere from zero to three hours of breastfeeding education in their entire undergraduate course curriculum.” 

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Change the education of these trusted birth professionals? Get lactation consultants to become mandatory parts of the birth team – included in the home birth/birthing center/OB’s/pediatrician’s practices? We are so certain that breastmilk impacts public health and yet we are failing to make it a priority in our health services. I do sense a tide is turning and I’m looking forward to the day when the WHO recommendations for breastfeeding are the standard all over the world and not just recommendations.