Mother-Friendly Care is Needed

I find myself on-line almost every day…I can’t help clicking on long, fascinating birth stories or natural empowering childbirth experiences. I fall into reading wonderful stories from real parents and I keep wondering why more hospitals/OB’s don’t follow the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative? Although I believe many homebirth and birth centers follows this initiative, I can’t […]

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Wait! Don’t Bathe That Newborn!

Something that is often asked in my class is when to bathe the newborn. I always remind my students that there is no medical reason to bathe the baby right away and for them to make that decision on their own. We typically talk about it a bit and I encourage them to delay the […]

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A Motherless Mother

What Do I Want For Mothers Day? My Mom.

How do I describe my mother? She was strong willed, funny and smart (she’d kill me if I didn’t include that)…And her laugh oh…I can still hear it, loud and contagious. Everyone loved Barbara Jeanette, at least those who didn’t piss her off.

She was the oldest of […]

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Feather Mama Support Circle ~ NEST

Unplug and connect with other mothers face to face.
Come join in a circle of women who are supporting one another on their transformation of motherhood. Our circle allows mothers (in pregnancy and postpartum) the opportunity to explore what it means to be a woman and a mother. We have open discussions on many topics while […]

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feather mamas belief

Feather mama was born out of a belief that all women deserve encouragement and support throughout their motherhood journeys

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