Food matters! Our amazing bodies are capable of growing a human, birthing said human and then feeding our children from our breasts…all of these things use up nutrients and energy from mama. What you eat should be nutrient dense and soothing. A good rule to stick to, as I’m sure you’ve heard before, is to eat real, organic food and stay away from processed and prepackaged…even so called health foods. And since cooking after birthing your baby is a challenge use the waiting game of the last weeks of pregnancy to prepare and freeze meals. It is also advised to feast on warm and easy to digest meals postpartum.

feather mama will be starting a weekly recipe share from our nests to yours! Check our Postpartum page for our current recipes and check back every Friday for a new one! Each recipe is based on a spotlighted food that was chosen for it’s specific nutrient profile and how it directly aids in nourishing the postpartum body. Of course all foods and meals are healthy for the whole family and during pregnancy as well. And please feel free to improvise with ingredients from your kitchen. Pass this page along to family and friends and ask them to prepare and bring meals to your house after baby is born. They’ll love feeding you well!

Much love,

K and L