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This is way outside of the medieval period, past the early colonial period. The Qing would probably have done fine 300 years earlier against Cortes and his metal armor, pikes, and early gunpowder, as that similar to what they had. The Opium War happened within a decade of the American Civil War, to give context on how modern the weapons were already.

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City shelter is saying pay $320 until Friday or kitty may get adopted or euthanized. We have a smallish family business, and this is a throwaway because my main account uses the company name. Some minor details have been altered for the sake of anonymity..

Referral, affiliate, invite, or discount links/codes. One of my favorite graphic novels of all time. I recommend it whole heartedly.. Honestly, this isn awful and I wouldn see you as one of those “Abcde” parents for using it. It is a classical name, albeit a bit too classical. If you asking my personal opinion, it sounds a bit too much like a fantasy book character and Felix as a middle name makes it even moreso (although most people won even know his middle name unless he explicitly tells them/uses it).