In 1981 the World Health Organization adopted the Code.
Best for Babes C.A.R.E. Code Alliance

Best for Babes C.A.R.E. Code Alliance

Whether through obvious or subliminal marketing “next best thing”, “supplement for moms who are breastfeeding” or “shaped just like a breast” campaigns, women have become doubtful of their own abilities. Best for Babes is dedicated to helping mama’s avoid these breastfeeding Booby Traps both prenatally and postpartum. The fact that these products are even discussed regularly in our society is in itself the problem. Breastfeeding needs to be normalized and be the mainstream conversation. Parents want to do what’s best for their children and when you’re taught you might not be enough, even before you become a parent, you buy a bottle, a pump and maybe that can of formula…just in case. Then when you’re at your most vulnerable, you’ll check out of a hospital with a bag full of “gifts”…visit your pediatrician a few days later and stacked neatly in their waiting room are cans of whatever formula happened to give the Dr the most swag. Even further, teas that “boost milk supply” should be rebranded as postpartum blends or something like that because those unproven claims imply that you’re not going to make enough milk on your own. Companies should not be planting the seeds of doubt in order to move product! These practices do not support mama’s and babies and they are in direct violation of the WHO-Code. Best for Babes has got your back!

     So, without further ado, feather mama is excited to share that we have joined the Best for Babes C.A.R.E. – Code Alliance. This Alliance is made up of companies that are proud to be WHO- Code compliant so families can confidently spend their money with businesses that support healthy children feeding practices.
Much love,
L and K