herbal sitz bathWhen I teach classes I always get questions about what these couples will need during the postpartum period. And since I don’t stay up-to-date on the lastest brands of strollers (or any brands for that matter), I do suggest my top three items. A rocking chair, a soft comfy robe and padsicles…(OH and a sound machine if this isn’t their first baby – trust me on this!)

These are my favorite comfort items that helped me tremendously during each of my postpartums. The rocking chair is for you and baby time, the robe is comfort for you and easy to breastfeed in, and the padsicles are for comfort and healing of your perineum. Incase you haven’t heard you will be swollen and uncomfortable the first couple of days, which is totally normal you DID just have a baby, so make these ahead of time so while you are resting they can be grabbed from the freezer and used.

Easy Peasy Directions:

1. Buy overnight (large) pads and soak them in our herbal sitz bath.

2. Wrap them in aluminum foil – each separately – and freeze them. Voila!

Plan ahead and make these during your pregnancy they are a must during your postpartum.

Our  herbal sitz bath is a blend of a soothing and healing herbal soak that is made with Calendula flowers, chamomile flowers, lavender, urva ursi, comfrey, and yarrow. These antiseptic and anti-inflammatory herbs soothe and promote healing of the perineum.